Aprons are so neat. I love antique shopping and coming across beautifully detailed aprons that have seen their share of great kitchen events. I also have a wonderful apron that I found at a local craft fair, but this apron has not found its way to the kitchen. It only appears when I'm painting images of food. {available}


Julia said...

You have a cute banner on your blog! Also I like your profile description.
I have an apron appreciation site you might like! Also some giveaways with aprons.

Ann said...

Wow, I just love all your paintings..honestly, I have gone thru' your site to enjoy all your hand works ;)

Ann said...

Oh and I love aprons .. they make me feel like I can cook! or atleast I look like I can cook ;)

ejm said...

I love this apron!


(found you via bloggeraid)