Four Pears

Another colorful pear day. You know, I haven't even had pears in a can lately.

By the way, after much prodding I've decided to sell my original paintings from The Lunch Box Project. Its tough to give them up, but I'm sure they will all go to good homes. You can purchase them on my Etsy site.

{print also available}


Bergamot said...

Your illustrations are beautiful. Will visit your site more often now.

ejm said...

There's just something about pears, isn't there? They really WANT to be drawn!


(Now I'm remembering that inferior hard-as-rocks pears can be sliced with a mandoline and oven-dried to become quite pear-like indeed.)

ejm said...

Excuse me for commenting twice in a row AND so late the second time. But these four pears were perfect to go with the pear bread I made recently using four sugar pears. (not rock hard, but juicy and firm and delicious!)


(Pear Bread post:

Lisa Orgler said...

Elizabeth- Thanks for including my pear image!