Thank You #2

Now for the ringmaster...taming that wild strawberry.

I am working on a small project... rewriting my "About Page" and need your input. Can you help answer these questions?

Why does my work interest you? What about my perspective keeps you coming back? What do you learn from me? Can I teach you something else?



Marianne (dagmar.eu@gmail.com) said...

You make me smile whenever I see your artwork. Your ability to turn everyday food items and crockery/kitchen things into something special is a rare gift; you sound the trumpet for the unsung heroes of our daily diet.
How you manage to come up with something new every day is amazing.
Thank you.

Lisa Orgler said...

Marianne- You are so kind and helpful! Thanks so much. -Lisa

Keri said...

I like how you mix simple touches (the smiley face on the ring master) with the finest of details (the typeface). The colors you chose always look so great as well; really make the images pop without clashing.

Future monthly theme:
Pre-harvested food? Raspberries on the bush, corn on the stalk, pumpkins in the patch, etc.

Lisa Orgler said...

Thanks Keri! Thanks a bunch for your thoughts. Love the pre-harvested food theme. Would give me a chance to draw some plants. :) Lisa