My next spring plant combination has such a sweet, cottage feel to it.  Again, I've included another ajuga, was inspired by tasty sweets, and kept it simple with just three plants.

This planting is for full sun in zones 4 and 5.  The plants in this design include:

Ajuga reptans 'Toffee Chip' / Bugleweed
Veronica  'Waterperry Blue'/ Speedwell
Coreopsis verticillata 'Creme Brulee' / Tickseed

What I like most about this combination:
  • The striking color contrast between the light green, almost white ajuga with the veronica's dark foliage and vibrant blue flowers.
  • The contrast of leaf textures...coarse ajuga leaves to the finer veronica leaves to the even finer coreopsis leaves.
  • The low groundcovers setting a nice base for the strong upright form of the coreopsis.  
  • The quaint feel of the soft yellow, daisy-like coreopsis flowers against the vibrant blue veronica flowers.  Ugh, I want to plant this in my garden right now!


Alex Krasovskis said...

Nice design. I planted some of those Veronicas about a week ago but they are yet to flower. Hope they look good.

Lisa Orgler said...

Alex - These veronicas are some of my favorite plants. Ours are a little behind because of the cool weather, but they are worth the wait. They have a stunning, almost florescent blue flower.