Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Simple enough...and a perfect cupcake to post on my birthday (yes, it really is). Add sprinkles to anything for that extra spark.

When Rowie at Ravenous Rowie shared her "Sprinkles and Sunrise" post with me, I knew I had to save it for this special day.

What I love even more is Rowie's obsession with sprinkles. Sugar and enthusiasm are a great combination.

Please read her cupcake post here.


Island Vittles said...

That`s 2 cupcakes from Pender that you`ve illustrated! That`s definitely above average representation for our little rock in the sea! Theresa

Lisa Orgler said...

Hi Theresa - I didn't realize it was the same area! That is such a coincidence!! You must have a lot of great chefs up there!

Ravenous Rowie said...

Lisa, this is so great! I love it! Thank you so much! The cupcake you did for Theresa was super cute too! Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!

Lisa Orgler said...

Thanks Rowie!