Speculaas Cupcakes with Almond Frosting

These cupcakes have a Dutch twist...the addition of speculaas. What is that? Just click here to find out.

Tosca from Baking Me Happy shared this delightful recipe witih me. Her blog focuses on food creations without eggs and milk.

Take a peak at her recipe here.


notyet100 said...

umm very cute

Sourkraut said...

What a brilliant concept! I love speculaas so I'll be sure to click on over and check out the recipe. What an adorable illustration too! The sweet birds are a nice touch.

Tosca said...

It's fantastic, you drawn it so beautiful.
I feel honourd :)

dana said...

without egg and milk? that sounds great because i am a pure vegan, and it is very hard to find these type of recipes.Thanks!
Happy Holidays!