Today let's move onto garden structure!  This is still part of step four below.  

1. Pick a theme 
2. Brainstorm
3. Research 
4. Translate ideas to physical form
5. Create the plan

Before jumping into the structure for our heavy metal garden, I'd like to give you a broad overview of this concept first.

If you want to look like you know something about landscape design...add structure to your garden.  This is the greatest impact you can make on your design.

The structure of a garden is how one gives form to an outdoor space. Rather than placing things willy-nilly, structure will encourage strong lines and reinforce your theme.

To simplify things, think of this structure on the ground plane.  Imagine looking at your garden from above in the winter (when the plants are no longer the dominant focus). What shapes and lines would you see?

Another way to visualize structure is thinking about the shape of your lawn or patio.  This space should be a strong space that can be easily seen.

To establish strong structure think about:

Now let's think about our heavy metal concept once again.  If we look at our brainstorming and research lists does anything stand out to you that might give our garden structure?  This is what I found as possibilities:

ripped jeans/blue jeans = straight lines, jagged lines
stage/lights = half circle or full circle
drums = circles or two circles for double bass drums
chains = interlinked spaces
motorcycles = circles, spokes
walkmans = squares with squiggly lines for wire
tour bus = rectangle, circles
beer bottles = bottle shape or circle for cap
guitar/flying v = guitar or v shape
posters = rectangle
skulls = skull shape
periodic table = grid
t-shirts = t-shirt shape
trifecta of speed, power and precision = use three of something
late 1960s/early 1970s = use a garden style from this period, probably clean, simple lines

This is a long list of possible structure ideas for our garden and we definitely will not use them all, but I wanted to show you what our initial brainstorming and research lists provide for inspiration. It really is amazing. I won't tell you what my choice is just yet. I want to think about it a bit.

Do you have a favorite above?  Or maybe I missed something you think I should add?

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