Though we've lived in our current house for over five years, this is the first summer I noticed the beautiful seeds on our linden tree (I'm embarrassed to admit).

I've always noticed lindens from FAR AWAY...for their beautiful pyramidal shape, but really never looked at it close up.  The seeds are simple little spheres attached to small stems, but the stems are attached to the middle of a narrow, light green leaf.  It's a beautiful contrast against the dark, heart shaped linden leaves. I'm assuming the seeds are attached to this additional leaf to help them glide farther from the tree. A functional element, made so beautifully.

For those that would like to take a stab at learning plants through drawing, I've created hedge note sheets for everyone that signs up for my newsletter. You can print these templates, then fill in each one as you take note of favorite plants. It's my way of getting you to love plants more.

This post is part of Susannah Conway's August Break.  Everyday she inspires us with one word.  
Today's word is FAR AWAY.


Leila said...

Everyone over here thinks that your all over print should be made into fabric - but we are partial to fabric over here. :)

Lisa Orgler said...

Leila- This can be part of my "linden seed" collection. :)