Peanut Butter

Its like deja vu...seeing my daughter secretly pull out the silverware drawer, delicately lift out a spoon, then tiptoe over to the cabinet where the peanut butter jar lives. She scoops out the sticky, brown heaven, then jumps back guilt-stricken when caught. Its not like I haven't done that before, though its been over 20 years. Its just weird seeing it through a mom's eyes. {available}


Hollie Allen said...

Ah, the "Peanut-Butter Spoon"...growing up, this was what my bestfriend's mom served us after school each day. My Mom served homemade goodies when we walked to my house after school, but when the play-date was at Tara's house, it was always the peanut-butter spoon. SO FUN! Today, I do get to see the delight in my own children's eyes as they lick the peanut butter from the silver spoon. :) It's the little things that mean the most.

Sally Barclay said...

I've never done PB on a spoon. I prefer it on whole grain bread with banana. And if adding lettuce to it gives it a wonderful crunch. That is the sandwich my Grandpa taught me how to make during my childhood and I still love it and eat it almost daily. Peanut butter is a wonderful comfort food! And it has some health benefits as well!