Grilled Asparagus

This month I have the honor of drawing recipes from a variety of talented food bloggers. To get back to my roots, I'm also painting them on playing cards once again.

We're starting with a delicious recipe for grilled asparagus from a lovely blog called Prairie Story by Alison Zulyniak. I encourage you to check out Alison's full post, plus all the other fabulous recipes she has on her site!

If you'd like to submit a recipe for me to draw please read my submission guidelines here.


The Souper said...

Grilled Asparagus are the best as well as roasting them. Simply delicious and easy to prepare.
Nice recipe card idea :)

Linda Pruitt said...

I did a post about asparagus too! Is this asparagus month?? Wonderful drawing!

ejm said...

Excellent!! I do love these playing card illustrations. And grilled asparagus too. Of course. Who wouldn't? Alas, no more grilled asparagus here until next spring. (Imported asparagus just isn't the same.)


Lisa Orgler said...

Hi LInda- I'm drawing food posts from other food blogs...anything people want to submit. Lisa

Varada said...

Hey, I must say, this is so cool. Would love to try it out for some of mine.

Do you have an end date to this event or something? I can line up my post accordingly.


Lisa Orgler said...

Hi Varada-

If you can get a post to me right away, I'll still try to get it in this month. Please email me directly at lisaorgler@huxcomm.net. I look forward to hearing from you!