Pear Bread

This is a delightful bread made with sweet little sugar pears (they are rather cute).  Check out OUR Kitchen for all the details.  Amazingly, this recipe had to be translated to English from French...kudos to Elizabeth for pulling it off!

A side note...today is my daughter's ninth birthday.  One of my gifts to her is dedicating September to "Beatle Food".  Check in tomorrow for that!


Nancy Yos said...

I have a good recipe for peach bread, but pear bread is new to me. I'm toddling over to the other blog for the recipe... thanks.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Lisa!! Just as I expected, I love the drawing.

Lisa Orgler said...

Elizabeth- You are so welcome! Lisa

Varada said...

Good one, Lisa :)

Happy ninth birthday to your little princess :)


Lisa Orgler said...

Thanks Varada!