Oriental Bell Pepper and Walnut Spread

A very excited Julia from German Abendbrot sent me this unique spread that can be pair with fresh bread or grilled beef. She sent it all the way from Germany and was kind enough to include the recipe in English below:

Three red bell peppers
A handful of minced walnuts
A slice of old bread
Two hot chilies
Garlic & a bit of fresh parsley

Cut the bell peppers in half and put them into a pre-heated, very hot oven. Wait until the skin gets dark, put them into a plastic bag until they are cool enough to touch. Then peel down the skin. While the bell peppers are in the oven, roast the bread and walnuts in a pan. Throw all ingredients into a food processor and until it's thin enough to spread. Finally add some salt, lime juice, and tabasco (if you like it hot) and it's ready.


Julia said...

Adorable! Thanks again for picking my recipe. I'm still uberexcited ;-)

Lisa Orgler said...

Julia- I'm so glad! :) Lisa

Magic of Spice said...

Very nice...all of your pieces are just great - love them all :)