Stock Pot

Lynn from Mama Says requested that I draw a stock pot for her...because soup is her forte. I love soup, especially unique recipes, so look forward to continually checking out her blog...so you may see one of her recipes pop up in the future. {reserved}


Lynn (www.mamasays.us) said...

Your artwork is so warm and beautiful and has a terrific whimsical vibe. Thank you for creating a stockpot for Mama Says. As you know, we love to make soup. Thank you, again. Lynn & Iris Mama Says (www.mamasays.us)

Jen said...

I love this picture! I feel like each person imagines a different kind of soup in the stock pot... ;)

The Wino said...

I love all your pictures! Being an artist myself I can truly appreciate the work that goes into these drawings. I never thought to draw my food...could be more fun than photography. Thank you for the inspiration!