Pear + Owl

I was in a woodland theme today. Owls are everywhere...a fun resurgence from the 1970s.

Not all ideas are good. Don't worry if you don't come up with a good idea right away. Creativity is a process. Even the most creative people in the world have a lot of bad ideas...it's their one fabulous idea that makes them stand out. Make lists and lists and lists....and somewhere in that big pile of words will be the next great thing.


ronnie said...

how cute! we don't have many owls in Queens, NY. as a bird fan, you're lucky to observe such a beautiful species.

my daughter loves owls (they seem to be a very fashionable print). i think this would be a great present, an adorable print for her first kitchen (she's planning to move out in a year - :-( ).

Lisa Orgler said...

Thanks Ronnie! I'm so glad you could find something for your daughter. You made me think of my kids and when they'll move out some day...so sad to think about. :( What a great adventure for your daughter!