Pear + Pull Toy

I have watched Toy Story 3 at least fifteen times in the last two weeks. My two-year-old is obsessed. Toys and pears finally collided in my head.

Step to the side. A nice thought from the book Idea Spotting...A cube head-on is a square. Step left or right and see it's full dimensions. Try to look at something from a different perspective for fresh ideas. Drive a different way home, take your evening walk in a new direction, read a paragraph backwards.


Lisa Orgler said...

Someone emailed this creative suggestion to me today:

Try this sometime – draw something (from observation) as if it were upside down, without actually turning it upside down. Sometimes I'll have students do this to get them out of their safety zone. It kind of makes ones brain hurt.

Thanks Mark!

Elizabeth said...

This is wonderful. I want this toy and find myself wondering if it's a Trojan Pear filled with tiny blue cheeses!!