KFC Coleslaw

In our family (mostly my husband's side) we have come to the conclusion that no homemade recipe can beat Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw. There is always heated discussion about making sure we pick up enough so no plate is left empty. {available}


Continental Breakfast

Last weekend on our short trip to Minnesota we had the joy of a continental breakfast at our hotel. That always sounds so fancy to me...but in the end it really is just a bunch of bread in different forms. I'm not complaining - donuts, danishes, bagels and muffins are all wonderful things...but they do all have the same origin. {available}



Aprons are so neat. I love antique shopping and coming across beautifully detailed aprons that have seen their share of great kitchen events. I also have a wonderful apron that I found at a local craft fair, but this apron has not found its way to the kitchen. It only appears when I'm painting images of food. {available}


Grilled Burger

I'm not a big meat eater, but I do love anything grilled...especially burgers. Of course, I must top it off with as many things as possible.




Last week I learned that cucumbers are 95% water and have very little nutritional value. It seems any food I love brings no benefits.



Iced Tea

Last year I attended a conference and witnessed someone brewing tea bags in hot water, then adding ice to it. I'm easily amused and excited by the opportunity to have a free sweet treat. Now I keep many flavors of tea in my work desk ready to pull out on a whim...with the ice machine close by. {available}


String Cheese

This past weekend we visited family in Minnesota. When family gathers, snacks pop out in mass. One treat was string cheese. My childhood friends always had this in their lunches, but it was too expensive to include in ours. Pulling those long strands is definitely a special treat for me.


Mint Brownies

Our resident office baker once again made treats on St. Patrick's Day...mint brownies. She cuts them into small squares because of their richness. A grand tiny-bit-green treat. {thanks Val!}


Pear on a Chair

This illustration is inspired by one of my larger paintings. Its been a busy week for me, so more pears it is.


Hot Fudge Sundae

Our family went out to eat last Friday and enjoyed the $1.75 hot fudge sundae on the children's menu. Luckily for me my son doesn't like hot fudge or whipped cream.



I really enjoy the beauty of functional things...linens, flower pots, glass jars and utensils. There is something really nice about saving something that doesn't collect dust.


A is for Apple

With a baby in the house again I've been re-appreciating all the early-reader children's books on our shelves. Of course, many of them highlight food. A good way to start that early spark for yummies.



This past weekend my 10-year old son tasted his first croissant. Only good sounds poured out of him and he continued to eat two more.




I love raspberries. They are just like candy, minus the bad stuff. I can easily empty a whole container popping them in my mouth one-by-one.



Daisied Pear

Its one of those weeks...just wanted to draw a pear with some flowers. Spring is so close!


Chocolate Ice Cream with Whipped Cream

One of my favorite combinations is chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top. Its very important that the chocolate be real, and not vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup mixed in. It's just not the same.


Potato Chips

I've never been a big fan of potato chips. Its easy for me to pass them up, unless its the only thing paired with my meal. What I like even less than potato chips is not having a side-dish.



One of our British volunteers often brings her incredible shortbread to our events. They always look so pretty, cut into perfect little rectangles...and taste so buttery as they crumble away.


Green Apples

Right now we have green apples in our produce drawer. Every time I open the refrigerator door I'm greeted with those shiny, green orbs. A small, but nice addition to our healthy snack collection.


Eclectic Mix

About a year ago our office switched from disposable cups, plates and utensils to permanent ones. Our cabinets are now filled with an eclectic mix of dishes. We've eliminated a lot of waste and now follow-up coffee breaks and smaller events with chatter-filled dish washing.


Cookie Exchange

At work we've started a monthly cookie exchange with our volunteers. It's a way for everyone to socialize and share tasty treats. Each person brings twelve cookies and an empty plate. Before they leave, each person fills their empty plate with a mix of twelve new cookies from others. Its a fabulous way to add some zest to your day.


Diet Pepsi Vice

My mom has this weird fetish with diet Pepsi. Its always in her fridge, in her hand or on her errand list. Not sure what the lure is, not being a soda drinker myself, but I guess everyone needs vice.



Its probably no surprise that my kids love pizza. Whenever we pop one in the oven its like we're having a big party. They get so excited and eat way more than they probably should. I'm not sure how they get so much in such small bellies.

{print available}


The Pickle Car

Today is the big Pine Wood Derby for my son's cub scout pack. Open to all family members, my seven-year-old daughter chose to proclaim her love of pickles with her race car submission.



French Fries

We've been so overrun with french fries in kid's meals that my children surprisingly prefer to not have them anymore. They always choose the healthier option...apples, cottage cheese and even salad. I try to do the same, though sometimes I do crave a fry dipped in ketchup.


Reuben Sandwich

My love of sauerkraut originated with my first taste of a reuben sandwich. Such a strange mix of salt and sour tastes all wrapped into one.


Peanut Butter Cookies

I attended a conference last week and not only enjoyed the great education sessions, but also the fun food breaks (come on, you all do too!). One thing I always look for is a peanut butter cookie. To my delight there they were on a tray with its snickerdoodle, sugar and chocolate chip friends.


Walking Tacos

This past weekend we attended a birthday party and to our kids' delight the host served walking tacos. For those unfamiliar with this fun little treat its just a small bag of Doritos in which you add ground beef, sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa and lettuce. What a great addition to a children's party.


All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes

This past Saturday we went to the Kiwanis Pancake Days for lunch. The kids (and my husband) were thrilled to eat as many pancakes as they could stack on their plate. My kids proclaimed them the fluffiest ever.



Bird and Apple

You know, I just felt like drawing a bird and apple today, so I made two...

For those that might be interested, the second one is available on my Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21362133.

It's also on a playing card.


Peanut Butter on "Toast" (but not really)

My seven-year-old daughter loves to eat peanut butter on "toast" for her weekend breakfast. Note...its not really toast, but just plain bread, even though she calls it the former. I must always remember that her bread is not to touch the toaster and only the knife covered with peanut butter.