Most of you probably already know that I don't drink coffee, but it sure is fun drawing a cup.


A Cool (and Hot) Cup!

 As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program I received a fabulous Tervis tumbler. The neatest thing about this cup is that it is insulated, so it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Another neat thing...it's pretty stylish for a cup. When my kids saw it they actually said "wow" and wanted to pour something in it asap. Oh, and that straw is not included, I just popped one in for good measure.

To carry forward that wow, I've decided to share my top six drinks of all time (that I now enjoy in my favorite fancy cup):

1. Water.  As dull as it might sound, I love water and drink it 80% of my waking hours.
2. Milk. This list isn't getting too exciting is it?  Milk fills in about 15% of my drinking life.
3. Orange juice.  I love OJ, but this drink, with the rest of my list only fills in about 5% of my fluid consumption.
4. Hot Chocolate.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but pretend to be one with mug and hot chocolate in hand.
5. Fruit Smoothies.  My favorite breakfast drink when fresh fruit is available in our kitchen.
6. Iced Tea.  My mom only had kool-aid and iced tea in the fridge when we were kids.  I hated iced tea back then.  Now I love it...especially freshly brewed, then filled with ice.

All of these, hot and cold, fill my Tervis tumbler beautifully!  Woo-hoo!

A big thanks to Tervis and Foodbuzz for this fun gift.


Soy Sauce

 Yesterday, our neighbor sent their daughter over to see if we had some soy sauce they could use.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any and it made us realize we haven't had soy sauce in the house for at least ten years.

Not sure why.  Hmmm, maybe because our kids are not keen with it?  Their ages do correlate to the length of absence. Maybe it's time to reintroduce it in our kitchen.




Another pattern with a fall goodie...a food I still haven't been brave enough to prepare in a dish.



In the next few posts I'll be experimenting with background patterns.  Why not show you my crazy little sketches? This little honey jar is from one of my current projects.

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Personalized Kitchen Print

Okay, just pushing one more item, then back to regular illustrations.  I was excited to finally make my first personalized print, so had to share it!  You can find it here.


Stove, Fridge and Sink Prints

Yes, I'm a little behind.  I finally made small prints of my kitchen appliances and such. You can find them here:

The Stove
The Fridge
The Sink


A nomination and some vanilla pudding

While eating a small pudding snack today I had a nice surprise...finding out The Lunch Box Project was nominated for a Foodbuzz Blog Award!  Wowie! My award category is "Best Single Blog Topic".

Check out all the fabulous nominees and vote right here on Foodbuzz.  Thanks to all who nominated me!