Big Cup of Green Tea

Here we are at the end of March...and this is my last green tea illustration. Oh hum.

But the sorrow doesn't end - starting Friday I'll be painting the alphabet for April. The focus will be breakfast foods. If you want to participate in which breakfast foods I draw for each letter please visit my Facebook Fan Page. See you in a couple of days!


Green Tea Ice Cream Cups

This is a very simple recipe in a lovely paper cup.  Presentation really is everything.  Take a peak at Amy Ormond's beautiful site and learn how to "craft" these yourself. 

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Edible Shamrocks

I know, I know...I should have posted these on St. Patrick's Day.  I just wasn't organized enough.  You can still enjoy the recipe at She Who Eats.  Of course, one of the ingredients is green tea.

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Matcha Strawberry Cupcake

These cupcakes have a sweet strawberry center.  Actually most of the cupcakes on the Sweetest Kitchen website have a delectable center.  You really have to check them out.

What is "matcha"?  Very simply it is a Japanese tea made from powdered green tea leaves...used often in baked goods.

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Green Tea Tiramisu

What a fabulously beautiful green tea dessert!  I wish I could taste online.  Please find out more about this tiramisu from Bonbini!

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I thought I'd diverge from sweets for a bit and show green tea in a new way.  Ochazuke is "a bowl of rice with a variety of toppings served in tea" (in this case, green tea).  To learn more about this Japanese dish, please visit Kitchen M

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Green Tea Cheesecake

Here is a fantastic cheesecake to add to this green tea madness.  Please visit My Kitchen Notes to get the full recipe and great photos to boot.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Camellia sinensis

Green, black and oolong teas come from the plant Camellia sinensis.  It is mostlly grown in China, India, Australia and Indonesia.

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Green Tea Bottle

I typically drink water with lunch and dinner, but sometimes I treat myself to a special bottle of green tea when eating a sack lunch on the go.

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Green Tea Cup

I love the little cups without handles...perfect for a beautiful cup of tea.

For those that don't know, I have free foodie calendars available with my newsletter. This image graces the March one.  Check out the newsletter here and download a calendar for yourself.

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Green Tea

This month I am celebrating green tea.  Hot green tea, iced green tea, the origins of green tea, etc.  Hope you can stick around and enjoy a cup.

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