The End

It really isn't the end, I just couldn't resist having a final photo for the year. Now if I can just get my kids to eat the end pieces on bread...
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Ice Bucket

Only two more days to finish up my 2009 resolution. Honestly, I can't believe I've come this far. I really appreciate all your support this past year. I'm still trying to finalize my 2010 resolution. Any ideas? :) {print available}


I Love Food

Don't we all? I love food so much that I plan to continue this blog into next year. There will be a slight change...I'll be posting three times a week (M, W, F), rather than everyday. That should give me more time to work on additional foodie art projects. Hopefully you'll hang in there with me. {print available}


Z is for Zucchini

I've made it to the last letter and, yes, it's zucchini (probably no surprise). I think my next project might be making a food alphabet poster. If I can just find the time... {print available}


Egg Nog

It's odd to love a food, but not be able to gulp it down in large quantities. Cheesecake and egg nog fall into this category.


Cookies Galore

It's the day after Christmas and there are tons of cookies leftover. Meals become less defined as we nibble on odds and ends all day. {print available}




My favorite meal of the day is breakfast...especially when dining out. Nothing can beat hashbrowns, eggs benedict, toast, and orange juice. Of course, you can plug any breakfast food into that sentence and I'd be happy. {print available}


Y is for Yogurt

Oh, so close to the end. Here is my "y". Any requests for "z" foods before I draw a zucchini?


Pear Tree

I don't have the partridge, but I do have the pear tree. My kids are counting down the days to Christmas.


X is for Xouba

What is xouba? A small, sardine-like fish found near Spain. I figured there must be a food out there that starts with "x". This works fine for me.


Three Tomatoes

As we wind down the year I thought I'd mention that by February I should have a new, updated, snazzy website. I'm trying to pull all my thoughts and art together more cohesively. If there is anything you'd ever like me to do or try with food art, please let me know. I love trying new things. {oh, happy b-day juls!!} {print available}


Chocolate Cheesecake

I've mentioned how fabulous our neighbors are...in that they all bake and share (luckily with us). Our neighbor to the north brought her pumpkin cheesecake with maple glaze topping last Friday, then two nights ago popped over with chocolate cheesecake. I can't tell you how happy I was for that late night visit. {Thanks Lori!} {print available}


Hot Chili and Cold Beets

For my birthday, our neighbors generously gave me jars of home-made hot chili starter and pickled beets. A strategic gift...knowing my husband does not like either. {thanks G-family!}


Sour Cream

Sour cream has some kind of magic aura. When it appears my kids feel compelled to put it on everything or simply spoon it right out of the container.


World's Finest Coffee

As many of you know, I don't actually drink coffee, but always enjoy all the claims that someone makes the "best" coffee.


Poppy Seeds

I have no idea what poppy seeds actually taste like, but love everything they're in or on... including dressing, muffins and hot dog buns.


Pear on Roof

I'm busy wrapping presents and just organizing today, so have no deep food thoughts.

Maybe I should mention that there are only a couple days left of my two-for-one print sale. Click here to find out more.


Three Lollipops

I'm not sure what it is about lollipops, but when my kids spot one they must have it. I guess anything on a stick makes it more special. (Hi Geri!)

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Lemon Sparkle

I asked my daughter for lemon ideas and she suggested they be in the sky like stars. I added a little Van Gogh and wa-la!


Lemons and Limes

Here we are on Wednesday with lemons and limes tucked in a bowl.

In order to sift through all my illustrations, I finallly added a search function over there to the right. Go ahead, type in your favorite food and see if it pops up. {print available}


Bird and Lemon

Last week I was privileged to participate in a birthday contest by Cynthia Furey of Furey and the Feast. The winner was MEFX and her prize...an original painting by moi. She asked for something with citrus and this is the one she chose. I love her description of this image: triumphant, but humorous.

The original is being shipped to her today, but there are prints available. Of course, if you're ever interested in an original painting from The Lunch Box Project, those are available too.

Did you know I paint all my illustrations on playing cards?


Citrus Dangle

This week will be filled with citrus galore. I'm starting it off with a sweet twist on Christmas ornaments.


The Blender

One of my birthday gifts this year...a blender. Yes, I actually asked for it. Just today we made strawberry and chocolate shakes. Now I'm on the hunt for some healthy smoothie recipes. Any thoughts?


My Day

Today is my birthday. It's actually a significant one, but rather than dwell on that, let's think about food. My kids reminded me that I still haven't drawn one of my favorites...chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in, so here it is.

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I want to thank all of you for entering my print giveaway contest! I'm overwhelmed with the response and am thrilled to share my art with you.

How did I choose the winners? I wrote all your names on a piece of paper and let my daughter pick three (all fair and square). Her and I both agreed there were too many entries to pick just three, so we picked a bonus three. If your name is below, please contact me by clicking here.

WINNERS: Concurrer, StinaRie, Kate Sparks, Sandy Ellis, Leila, Emily (there were three Emily's, it's the one that commented "Foodie Love!")

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Thanks again for your enthusiasm. I might have to try this again soon.



How much better can it get...a little honey on your peanut butter toast or swirled in your tea.

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I'm officially part of a big birthday bash. Cynthia Furey of the blog Furey and the Feast is celebrating her one year blog birthday and has included The Lunch Box Project in the festivities. She is having a contest and giving away one of my paintings as a prize (plus some fabulous chocolate). Please visit here to find out more and get your name in the running.


The Mild Stuff

I grew up in a household where my dad had spicy everything (which I love) to a husband that likes everything mild (oh hum).

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Food is always spilling over past Thanksgiving Day. Leftover turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce...and lots of desserts.

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Pear Tart

This image is inspired by a photo of a pear tart sent by fellow foodie, Chef Jack Garrison. His students often send him progress photos...this being one of them. Wish I could be in that class. {print available}


V is for Vanilla Ice Cream

No matter how much I love everything under the sun swirled into my ice cream, simple vanilla still holds a dear place.


Holiday Giveaway

Being in a festive mood today I thought I'd have a little fun and give away three free prints. To toss your name in the running all you need to do is:

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Apple and Peppermint Cake

I asked my daughter to give me an idea for a holiday food and she said "peppermint cake". Here it is with an apple for a touch of green.

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The Empty Pickle Jar

My daughter and I just finished off a jar of claussen pickles..in only two days. So yummy and now we have a nice pickle jar to store other crafty things.

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U is for Ugli Fruit

A food that combines grapefruit, tangerines and oranges...wa-la...the ugli fruit. Hey, it's tough finding a food that starts with "U".

Ugli Fruit on Foodista


Fruit Cake

One of those foods many don't like, but for some reason everyone still bakes. With all that, I have to admit our neighbor makes a tasty fruit cake.




For some reason I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, so thought I'd draw a candy cane until my husband allows me to pull out the holiday decorations.



Oh, I think my mind is going. I found this image today in a file labeled as "not used on blog". I have no idea why I wouldn't post this except that maybe I'm just trying to stay away from donuts.

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Here is my inspirational garlic from the penne post a couple of days ago (thanks again Gina!).

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