Strawberry Heart Shortcake Cupcakes

I can't say enough about the whimsical recipes on the Omnomicon website. I just had to highlight another fun recipe...this one with beautiful heart-shaped strawberries. You must take a peak.



Insalata Infilzata

As you may know, I'm not a big tomato fan, but this recipe looks fabulous and it's quite pretty too. Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and olive oil is such a nice combination, especially on small skewers. I encourage you to take a peak at Cynthia Furey's blog, Furey and the Feast for more fabulous recipes. {sold}


Egg in a Basket

This recipe provides fond memories of my dad. We loved when he made this for us on Saturday mornings. The best part was that little cut-out circle...used to dip in the egg yolk. We called this dish "Egg in a Hole" and my dad used an upside-down glass to cut out the hole, rather than a cookie cutter. Thanks to Kelly from The Curious Domestic for sharing such a warm recipe! {sold}


Berry Raspberry Mousse

This dessert looks great, but what I really like is its source - Let's Get Stupid Together - a food blog with humor and attitude. Great photos, recipes, and a new twist on eating. Way to go Marta.



Eat Cake

Today my high school art teacher, Mrs. Kapraun, is retiring. I wanted to dedicate this post to her for being so inspiring and supportive. She allowed me and many others to explore our artistic talents...in a math and science world (which, by the way, is a great combination). I am so delighted that she can now be a full-time artist herself. Best wishes and thank you! {available}


Spinach Tortilla Wrap Mini-Sandwiches

If you're looking for some simple food to take on a romantic picnic pack some of these. Find out more at Eat Repeat as Mrs. Mandy writes about her sister's picnic adventure. {sold}



This is the first year in a long time we didn't take the trek up to Spooner, Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend. It's a long tradition on my husband's side of the family. The weekend is filled with fishing, fishing and more fishing. My father-in-law breads the fish then dips it in the fryer. It's the only time you'll catch me eating fish. I feel a little sad that we're not there today. {available}


Triple Dip

Speaking of ice cream, I'll be participating in the Downtown Art Walk on the evening of June 5 in Ames, Iowa. The connection to ice cream? I'll be located in Temptations on Main - where you can get $1 scoops. That's a deal!



A Picnic

Now that leaves are starting to pop the kids and I are talking about having a picnic. Somehow a blanket shadowed by a tree, plus a basket makes an ordinary lunch extraordinary. {available}


Chocolate Meringue Strawberry Cream Slice

My illustration does not do this dessert justice. The original photos are incredible...as is the rest of this site. If you want to see a lot of striking photos of beautiful food visit Passionate about Baking.



Cucumber and Melons

Cucumbers and melons are fabulous on their own, but try pairing with lime juice and chili flakes. Now that's something new. Visit Family of Foodies to learn more.


Honey Vanilla Latte

The Pink Foodie assures this is the perfect combination of vanilla and honey. This special drink was found at the Urth Caffe in West Hollywood. This even sounds good to me...being the non-coffee drinker I am. Too bad I'm 1,500 miles away. {reserved}


Mango and Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice

The bright yellow color of this mango compelled me to paint it. Though I'm sure the flavors are just as bright. To whip up this neat combination visit She Simmers for the recipe...as well as many other unique ones. {available}


Herb-Topped Dinner Rolls

This is a great way to step-up rolls a notch...add some parsley to the top. Check out this beautiful recipe at Our Best Bites. This whole website is quite pretty. Make sure you take a peak around. {available}


Peach Martini

Even moms need to relax with a nice drink. Check this one out from Mommy Gourmet. It's a refreshing recipe created by her dad.



Sweet Little Thing

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to participate in the Iowa State University Foundation Women and Philanthropy luncheon. The speaker and food was delightful, but what I really loved was the dessert. It was in a very small martini glass, with a very tiny spoon, but filled with big tasting vanilla mousse, pound cake, a slice of chocolate, and whipped cream. The perfect size of sweet after a nice meal. {available}


The Cookie Dance

Earlier this week I offered to take a co-worker home, but had to pick up my husband from his office on the way. When I went in to get him I noticed a box full of m and m cookies on his desk. The pre-dinner pains struck as I grabbed two of them. I walked back out the door with a cookie in each hand, then did a happy dance for my co-worker so she could share the delight in my found treasure. {okay, it was a long day} {available}


Farm Fresh Milk

Have you ever tried farm fresh milk from a cow named Aster, paired with yogurt fermented granola? Visit Kimberly Hartke of Hartke Online! to learn about this pairing and the Campaign for Real Milk. {print available}


Cold Beetroot Soup with Cucumber

The ruby-red color of this soup was enough to capture my interest. It's a lovely cold dish with a unique mix of flavors blended by Anna Sokha of Godful Food. {reserved}


Cheddar and Blueberry Pancakes

I love drawing whimsical things and its even more fun drawing whimsical foods. This neat recipe was created by Aleta Meadowlark of the blog Omnomicon. Her site is filled with many beautiful photos and some really decorative touches.



The Better Than Poptart

Poptarts have always been dear to my heart, so when I saw The Boston Foodie's poptart creation I just had to showcase it. Take a peak and make your morning snack high-class. {available}


Grapefruit Crudo

Try this for a twist...instead of fish, Michael Natkin used grapefruit to make this delectable "crudo". Take a tour through his site Herbivoracious to peruse his fabulous vegetarian dishes. {available}


Pineapple Guava Green Tea Cupcakes

Since we're on the cupcake kick I had to share this original flavor with you. It's a twist of tropical fruits and tea created by Elaine Giammetta of Gourmet Girl Magazine.com. For this fun cupcake recipe please visit Gourmet Girl Magazine.com's Official Blog Kitchen Rap.



Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

Need I say more? You can take peanut butter and jelly, form it into any shape and I'll eat it. I just couldn't resist this cute little recipe. Please visit Delightfully Sweet to learn more! {reserved}


Chocolate Lime Rum Cake

My food life seems so simple compared to others. Victoria Allman, for instance, is a yacht chef that travels the world sharing her culinary creations. With a new book and lots of fabulous recipes, you must take a peak at her adventurous blog Following My Stomach.



Mini Croque Madames

Angela Potter loves adding an element of surprise to her dishes. In this one its creating a mini version of the ham, cheese and egg French croque madame sandwich, by using...quail eggs! Visit her blog Angela's Food Love to find out more. {reserved}


The Fondant Icing Experiment

How can you make a cupcake even better - by decorating it! Angela's blog Oh She Glows highlights her experiment with fondant icing and all the bright, beautiful flowers she pops on top. This is a neat blog...Angela also talks about how to have a healthy lifestyle...even with cupcakes. {reserved}


Easter Eggs and Lemons

A few colored Easter eggs were sacrificed to create this majestic dessert, but Susan Morrison's kids forgave her after tasting it. Read about Susan's fun adventure to pull this together on her Kitchen Addictions blog.



Art Auction with a Twist

I am honored to be working on a special project with BloggerAid: Changing the Face of Famine to help raise funds for the World Food School Meals Program. I'll be choosing an image to paint from a fellow food blogger then create an original 5x7 painting to be donated for the BloggerAid silent auction with all proceeds benefiting the World Food Program. If you are interested in submitting an image, please follow the guidelines on BloggerAid. You will need to become a member to partcipate. Please also visit the sites of the BloggerAid creators at Equal Opportunity Kitchen and More than Burnt Toast. I look forward to your submissions! {available}


Fish Covered in Salt

Okay, I'm not fluent in Portuguese nor like fish much, but I just had to draw this image. I loved the lemon and lime slices delicately placed over these shiny water dwellers...and the name intrigued me: Cubra o namorado com sal grosso e fogo nele (it's "Fish Covered in Salt")! If you know a little Portuguese please visit Sergio Ludtke's food blog "Cookies". {reserved}


Panko Almond Crusted Goat Cheese Salad

This is a fabulous salad that Lynne Webb of My Gourmet Connection has submitted to a contest on the Ile de France cheese website. I really wish I could taste this dish and send her the best of luck! Please visit her site for the recipe. {available}