Squash & Pumpkin

Within the last 24 hours I had the opportunity to enjoy two wonderful fall foods: squash and pumpkin.  Our neighbor shared her fabulous spicy squash soup and we roasted pumpkin seeds. I hadn't enjoyed the latter since we were kids.  I knew I had good memories for a reason.

I don't have the soup recipe, but for the pumpkin seeds I just tossed them in olive oil, salt and some chili- lime seasoning, then baked them for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.



Yes, I live in Iowa and love sharing this state's beauty.  I've been wanting to create an Iowa postcard for a long time...and finally, here it is!  You can find out more about them in my Etsy Shop.


Oak & Gourd

The beautiful weather and bright leaves made me want to draw some autumn images...so you'll see some pop up over the next few days.


I'm thirsty

I was inspired to share my favorite drink today (ta-da!)...water! It's probably not exciting to most of you, but I do love a tall glass of water filled with ice to sip on all day.


Friend or Foe?

This is what happens when I walk our dog at 5 a.m....in my sleepy state I begin to think of odd things.  Today my mind wandered off to whether or not coffee and hot cocoa would be friends or foes? What do you think?  You can share your wisdom on my Facebook  or Twitter page too.


National Taco Day

Casey over at Kitchen PLAY is celebrating National Taco Day this week with California Ripe Olives...and graciously asked me to create this badge for her.  If you love tacos and olives I encourage you to visit Kitchen PLAY to learn about the big party! Yum-my!