Baked Purple Potato and Sour Cream Creamsicles

A contest with a challenging secret ingredient - purple potatoes - resulted in this unique creamy twist. Take a peak at She Simmers to find out more. {reserved}



We're coming upon tomato season. Very soon they will be spilling out of the garden. I really am trying hard to acquire a taste for them. Don't worry, I'll get there eventually. {available}


Make Lemonade

A positive food quote for the day "when fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade."



Oranges and Bananas

I asked my daughter what I should draw today and she suggested oranges. I just mixed in some bananas for good measure. {available}


A Foodie Surprise

In about a month I plan to reveal a new little project. Just tweaking it now and will share it with you soon! I can't wait!



Ricotta Pancakes with Fresh Figs

For those that crave car-braking figs, here is a delectable pancake recipe to try. Read more about this fun fig post at Hedonistic Hostess. {sold}


Coconut Pancakes with Mango-Honey Compote

When your spouse requests pancakes for dinner, why not whip up something simple with coconut and mango? Check out this unique take on a common favorite at From Whence the Sweet Bird Sings. I just love the way its served too! {reserved}


Pumpkin Pancakes

As Nancy writes in her blog Dishing Up, pancakes have the ability to be so seasonal. It's all in what you add to them. Though its not fall now (even though the weather feels like it here in Iowa), pumpkin is perfect for the autumn pancake season. {reserved}


Love those Pancakes

For the next four days I am celebrating pancakes in honor of our 10-month old's new love of this breakfast food. I hope you come back to see some interesting takes on this sweet favorite from four different food bloggers. {available}



Poppy Seed Dressing

I was introduced to poppy seed dressing by my grandparents when they lived in Arkansas. It's the perfect sweet flavor for a summer salad. It also provides fond memories of my grandparents too.


Finding the Cheese Danish

Whenever I stumble upon a continental breakfast I always scan the goods for a cheese danish. There is often only one left among the strawberry, lemon and blueberry ones...so its important to act quick. {available}


Fruit Crepe

Kim from Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet shared this recipe with me and I just had to draw it. How can beautiful fruit wrapped in a buttery crepe not taste good? {reserved}



It's officially zucchini season and the plants are about to take over the garden. My husband picked the first one two days ago and made a lovely dish with them last night. He simply cut them up into small cubes, then sauteed them in olive oil and parmesan cheese. I was amazed that he could make them taste so good. {available}


Eggs on Toast

One of my fabulous British friends introduced me to this combination. She simply made a couple of eggs, then served them on top of buttered toast. Just use your fork to cut through it. Simple enough and a filling breakfast at that. {available}


Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are celebratory food. They are saved for festivals and fairs. People want to eat them because this is their only chance all year. Even my healthy-eating co-workers drop all eating rules to consume a corn dog when the moment is right. {available}


I is for Ice Cream

I know...another post about ice cream. I just couldn't pass up "i" and not mention my favorite treat.



Ice Cream by Candle Light

I had a very special moment with my eight-year-old daughter last night. She requested we have rootbeer floats on the front porch together...with candlelight. She lit the candles and I asked the mosquitoes to stay away. Together we sipped and chatted. {sold}


H is for Hotdog

Being from Chicago, hotdogs have a special place in my heart...especially if they're covered with mustard, onions, tomatoes, relish, pickles, celery salt and poppy seeds on the bun. Ketchup isn't allowed on a Chicago-style hotdog, but admittingly I sneak it on. {available}


Pears and Flowers

It's been a really busy week, so I just had to end it with a couple of pears.


Water Bottles

For those that don't know, the Midwest experienced blazing heat last week (heat index of up to 115 degrees). Of course, I attended a conference with lots of outdoor tours and dinners during that time. Thoughtfully the conference planners provided nice aluminum water bottles. I clung to it all week and drank gallons of liquid. {available}


Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini

Last week on a trip to St. Louis I was able to taste a peanut butter and jelly martini. Sounds odd, but it really was good.


Parade Candy

We experience three to five parades a year...from homecoming to 4th of July to various town festivals. Each reap a bucketful of candy. Candy that I'll never eat (I'm just not a candy person), but the rest of my family does. Whether you eat it or not, there is a thrill in catching flying candy. {available}



I'm so happy it's watermelon season again. Heat, fireworks and watermelon are the perfect triad.



Rootbeer Float

Last week I attended a conference where one evening rootbeer floats were served. Two men at my table were from England and had never experienced this American tradition. It was a thrill for the rest of us to share childhood memories of this floaty drink.



Patriotic Parfait

Celebrating the fourth is always fun. It's even neater with red, white and blue food. This is just red jello, whipped cream and blueberries. Layer them all and wa-la...you're ready for a sweet day. {available}


Skinny Cow

We sell ice cream at work which is really hard to ignore when the afternoon snackies sneak in. Thank goodness we now sell Skinny Cow ice cream. It's low in fat and calories, plus amazingly tastes good. {available}


Whipped Cream

This is fluffy perfection in a can. It makes great things taste extravagant...fresh berries, chocolate ice cream, waffles, or...straight in your mouth (I don't do this, but I know many of you do...admit it).



Corn Sweet Corn

It's Iowa and almost sweet corn season. A special treat in the heat of summer. Grilled or boiled and always buttered.