I'm officially part of a big birthday bash. Cynthia Furey of the blog Furey and the Feast is celebrating her one year blog birthday and has included The Lunch Box Project in the festivities. She is having a contest and giving away one of my paintings as a prize (plus some fabulous chocolate). Please visit here to find out more and get your name in the running.


The Mild Stuff

I grew up in a household where my dad had spicy everything (which I love) to a husband that likes everything mild (oh hum).

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Food is always spilling over past Thanksgiving Day. Leftover turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce...and lots of desserts.

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Pear Tart

This image is inspired by a photo of a pear tart sent by fellow foodie, Chef Jack Garrison. His students often send him progress photos...this being one of them. Wish I could be in that class. {print available}


V is for Vanilla Ice Cream

No matter how much I love everything under the sun swirled into my ice cream, simple vanilla still holds a dear place.


Holiday Giveaway

Being in a festive mood today I thought I'd have a little fun and give away three free prints. To toss your name in the running all you need to do is:

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I'll choose three names at the end of the day on December 2 (and post the winners December 3) . Each winner can pick any print they'd like from this blog. I won't even charge shipping. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you! Find the winners here!
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Apple and Peppermint Cake

I asked my daughter to give me an idea for a holiday food and she said "peppermint cake". Here it is with an apple for a touch of green.

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The Empty Pickle Jar

My daughter and I just finished off a jar of claussen pickles..in only two days. So yummy and now we have a nice pickle jar to store other crafty things.

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U is for Ugli Fruit

A food that combines grapefruit, tangerines and oranges...wa-la...the ugli fruit. Hey, it's tough finding a food that starts with "U".

Ugli Fruit on Foodista


Fruit Cake

One of those foods many don't like, but for some reason everyone still bakes. With all that, I have to admit our neighbor makes a tasty fruit cake.




For some reason I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, so thought I'd draw a candy cane until my husband allows me to pull out the holiday decorations.



Oh, I think my mind is going. I found this image today in a file labeled as "not used on blog". I have no idea why I wouldn't post this except that maybe I'm just trying to stay away from donuts.

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Here is my inspirational garlic from the penne post a couple of days ago (thanks again Gina!).

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Apricot Tart

Yank from French Food Focus sent sent me this fruit-filled recipe. He used apricots, but you can use anything from pears to plums. Find the recipe here.


Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Garlic Penne

Gina of Simply Life sent me this delicious recipe. She even inspired me to create a garlic painting, which I'll post in a couple of days. You'll find her recipe here.

If you'd like me to draw your food click here for my guidelines. {print available}



I had never heard the term "bento" until I visited Bentolicious by Lia Chen of Indonesia. In the simplest sense it's a small box that contains a meal. Lia's bentos are the cutest ever and I highly encourage you to take a peak. {print available}


Creme Brulee

Two nice things happened this past year. We sold our house to a nice family (it was right next door) and that nice family constantly shares their wonderful home-made food. Just last night they invited us over for creme brulee. What a special treat on an abnormally warm November evening in Iowa {thanks g-family!}. {print available}


T is for Tea

As the cold weather continues to descend a nice cup of tea makes it just a little warmer.


Apple Orchards

One thing we missed this fall was the apple orchard experience. There is something so special about picking your own apples, riding in a hayrack, and just enjoying the crisp air.

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It's How You Bake the Cake

My husband's first official contribution to this blog. He blurted this out while we were watching a cake competition on television.

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Peanut Butter Pizazz

Last week I gave our one-year-old a piece of my bagel with peanut butter. He made a yummy noise with a big smile. My daughter chimed in that he just experienced "peanut butter pizazz". {print available}


Drawing Your Holiday Food

Here we are entering the great holiday food season. I'd love to draw some of your delectable Thanksgiving recipes. If you have something you'd like to see in paint - let me know. Please read my entry guidelines before sending it...just click here for those. I look forward to hearing from you. {print available}


The Day After

Ugh, the day after halloween. Candy, candy, and more candy. You try to give it away, but your kids just keep bringing it back.

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