Let Them Eat {Cup}Cakes!

Ta-da! The final cupcake poster!

I want to thank the sixteen people that submitted their fabulous recipes, plus I want to thank Julie from Facebook for suggesting the title.

If interested, you can purchase the final poster here.

Next month I'll be playing a fun game of mix and match...using pears as my point of inspiration. If you'd like to participate, check out this blog or Facebook.

Happy New Year!


Secret Red Velvet Cupcakes

Wow...here we are at cupcake number sixteen and the final pick for my poster. I wanted to end it with one of my favorites, red velvet cupcakes. This recipe is from Stephanie at Chef Herman's Food Adventures. Check it out here.

Thanks to everyone that submitted a cupcake. They were all great, so I hope to do this again.

I plan to have the poster completed by the end of Friday, December 31. Check back.


Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

A classic that I just had to include. I try to tell myself that if baked goods include vegetables they must be healthy...right?

In this case Marianne from MealMixer truly does share meal planning for better health. Check out her recipe here.


Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

You can't go wrong merging sundaes with cupcakes.

This creation was made by Jamieanne from The Sweetest Kitchen (the brainchild behind the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge).

Find this fabulous recipe here.


Kiwi-Lime Grapefruit Cupcakes

I've enjoyed highlighting some of the winners from the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge and thought this one was especially cute.

Pink and green was one of my favorite childhood color combinations, so it's fitting that the theme for this cupcake challenge was "childhood memories".

Check out this lovely recipe from Heather at Heather Vision Photography & More.


White Chocolate Passion Cupcakes

This cupcake puts a new spin on chocolate passion.

Tara of Cupcakes by Tara was the winner of the white chocolate theme for the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge. She not only makes lovely cupcakes, but takes stunning photos of them.

Oh, and the recipe for her cupcakes can be found here.


Spring Blossom Babycakes

Sometimes the most simple recipes are the most beautiful.

Check out these cute little cupcakes from Melissa at The Chocolate Book.

As Melissa writes..."It's just a little blog about the good things in life, including cupcakes". Oh yes.


Indian Summer {Margarita} Cupcakes

Have you had a chance to check out The Sweetest Kitchen's Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge? Every month Jamieanne picks a new ingredient for her followers to twist into a spanking new cupcake.

This cupcake was the October winner...with the theme of ORANGE. Congrats to Olga of Sunshine & Happiness! Everyone needs a little margarita in their cupcake.


Speculaas Cupcakes with Almond Frosting

These cupcakes have a Dutch twist...the addition of speculaas. What is that? Just click here to find out.

Tosca from Baking Me Happy shared this delightful recipe witih me. Her blog focuses on food creations without eggs and milk.

Take a peak at her recipe here.


Peach & Mascarpone Cupcakes

Mary from Mary Mary Culinary sent me this delightful recipe...a cupcake with a special peach jam filling that almost smiles. Check it out here.

Her blog focuses on baking and desserts...most of them full of colorful ingredients in eye-popping photographs.


Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake

What a fun combination for a cupcake.

This delicacy was created by Amandah from ...and it's vegan. She does not make "vegan food," but instead makes delicious food that just happens to be vegan. Love that.

Click here for this sweet recipe.


Vanilla Cupcakes

Would you ever make 100 mini-cupcakes for one of your children's school events?

Karla at Forty Cakes dove in and sweetened up her son's Elegant Party (for Valentine's Day) by making these little treats. Lucky kid.

Find out more about how she perfected this simple vanilla cupcake recipe here.


Blueberry Cupcakes

There are many fabulous food colors, but this is the most striking I've ever seen. I often exaggerate my drawings to make them more interesting, but I would have never imagined going this blue with anything.

Chris at Mele Cotte sent me this beautiful recipe and I couldn't wait to share it.

I highly encourage you to take a peak at the real thing here.


Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Simple enough...and a perfect cupcake to post on my birthday (yes, it really is). Add sprinkles to anything for that extra spark.

When Rowie at Ravenous Rowie shared her "Sprinkles and Sunrise" post with me, I knew I had to save it for this special day.

What I love even more is Rowie's obsession with sprinkles. Sugar and enthusiasm are a great combination.

Please read her cupcake post here.


Mocha Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

These tasty cupcakes were created by Theresa at Island Vittles.

A professionally trained chef living on Pender Island, BC, Theresa focuses on inspiring readers to make delicious, beautiful food from real ingredients, while (gently) provoking conversation about important food issues that face us locally, nationally and worldwide.

Click here for the entire recipe.

{print available}

{original sold}


Nectarine Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting

To start our sweet adventure, here is a lovely cupcake from Charisse at foodies@home.

This recipe is inspired by their young nectarine tree in the backyard...something I'll never have in the Midwest. Oh hum.

For the entire recipe click here.


Drawing Your Cupcakes

This month I'm celebrating the ever-sweet and perfect cupcake.

I plan to post 16 illustrations inspired from fellow food bloggers' favorite cupcake recipes. At the end of the month, I'll pull them together into a spanking new cupcake poster.

If you'd like to submit your recipe, please read the guidelines here. It's very easy and I still have a few slots left.