Though our corn is not quite ready we have been able to enjoy tons of sweet corn from our generous neighbor (Thanks Brian!).

Inspired by our son's boy scout troop who grill corn for fundraisers, we've now been throwing ours on the fire as often as possible.  With added butter, salt and pepper...we just can't get enough.



We actually harvested our spinach about a month ago....and was it yummy.

Inspired by the extra eggs gathered from our neighbor's chickens, we made spinach quiche a couple of times.  Very good.

My visiting brother also made a spinach omelet for my son...and my picky offspring actually liked it. It's so nice seeing him eat (and like) something healthy.



Ah beets.  I still don't know what to do with them.

I love pickled beets, but how else do I eat them?

Any suggestions?



Though our tomatoes are not quite ripe yet, I had to include them...because of my mom. She has been asking me daily, "are the tomatoes ready yet?".

I am personally not a huge tomato fan, but my mom lives for them.

You can learn more about her tomato infatuation here...and more here (I seem to write a lot about this tomato craze).