We just picked our first cucumber and I'm so excited!  I've already stocked up on the oil and vinegar.



The zucchini are just popping out of the garden right now.  Oh, what to do with them...

For those wondering about how these paintings are made...each one is on a playing card, then I've glued on some antiqued paper (from an old thesis I found at university surplus), then finally I paint and ink the final image.  That's it.



It's been fun growing radishes this year.  I just chop them up with cucumbers and couscous, then throw in some oil, vinegar, lemon juice and seasonings.  A very nice light lunch.



This is the first year we decided to freeze some broccoli. Broccoli cheese soup in the winter will be nice.



We just picked our first cabbages a couple of days ago.  My husband loves making coleslaw and finally figured out last year how to get that finely chopped looked with a food processor.  He hasn't made our first batch yet, but we're waiting (he actually has a big project right now, so I'm not pushing, really).


Green Beans

Since we are so immersed in our vegetable garden right now the next few posts will highlight what we are growing, picking, eating...all the goodies taking over our hot summer lives.

Today is the green bean.  You can find out more about my love (heavy sarcasm) of this vegetable here.


Magnum Ice Cream

One of the benefits of being a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher is tasting new products.  How could I say no to a coupon for free ice cream from Magnum? As you may know, ice cream is my favorite thing in the whole world (well, maybe my kids are first, but it comes in a close second), so I was thrilled to try this new product.

There were six Magnum ice cream bar choices: classic, almond, white, double caramel, double chocolate, and dark.  I chose the latter which was exquisite (and I did eat all three in the box myself...though not at one setting, plus kept it a secret from my kids).  If you need something more decadent than a pint of vanilla ice cream, these are it.  I cannot wait to try the double caramel and double chocolate now.


Yogurt and Zucchini

...and finally the last two.  I really should do something like this again.  Have you seen my ABC breakfast print?


Waffles and Xouba

Two more of my favorite illustrations.  I just love the retro feel of the waffles...all an accident.  The xouba...well, there aren't many foods that start with "x".


Ugli Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream

You would be amazed at how many hits my blog received after I posted my ugli fruit illustration.  I never even heard of that fruit until I searched for a "u" food.


Raspberry Tea, Spaghetti, and Tea Again

Geez, I must have had tea on the brain when I drew these.  I really do like that spaghetti illustration.


Jalapeno, Kiwi, Lollipops and Melons

What was I thinking flipping between vertical and horizontal formats?  It's hard to pull these together with any cohesiveness.  Oh well.


French Toast and Green Beans

This makes me realize that bean snapping starts next week...ugh.  Maybe I'll just eat french toast instead.



ABC Foods

In 2009 I created a food illustration for every letter in the alphabet...but spread them out over the whole year.  Over the next few days I'll pull them all together for another looksie. Let's start with the first three.


Ham & Cheese

This illustration was ousted from the cheese card set, but I wanted to at least include it here.


Pears & Bleu Cheese

Ahhh, pears and bleu cheese.  Have you ever tried this combination on a sandwich? Yum. Yes, another illustration from my cheese cards.