Pear + Tree

Here we are at the end of January and the end of pairing pears. To end it all I must combine pears with a tree. Of course, if I'm to have a pear tree, then I must have a partridge.

Thanks to everyone for their input. Next month I'll be focusing on black & white...check in tomorrow to find out more.

Record all thoughts. Creativity comes from good and bad experiences. Journal during both. A friend recently gave me this hint and you know what, it's a great idea. It might be your next inspirational book.


Pear + Pull Toy

I have watched Toy Story 3 at least fifteen times in the last two weeks. My two-year-old is obsessed. Toys and pears finally collided in my head.

Step to the side. A nice thought from the book Idea Spotting...A cube head-on is a square. Step left or right and see it's full dimensions. Try to look at something from a different perspective for fresh ideas. Drive a different way home, take your evening walk in a new direction, read a paragraph backwards.


Pear + Bread

I happened to run across this illustration today as I was perusing my files. Hey, it has a pear, so might as well include it.

Brainstorm with a friend. I'm sure you can come up with lots of ideas, but you can generate twice as many with a buddy. Don't forget the power of many.


Pear + Moon

As I was looking into the beautiful sky last night the moon suddenly transformed into a pear.

Transform an object. When you look at an object, like the moon, ask yourself if it reminds you of something else. The moon is a circle...what else contains a circle? A ball, an apple, a lightbulb, etc. A lightbulb brightening the universe could be a fun painting.


Pear + Owl

I was in a woodland theme today. Owls are everywhere...a fun resurgence from the 1970s.

Not all ideas are good. Don't worry if you don't come up with a good idea right away. Creativity is a process. Even the most creative people in the world have a lot of bad ideas...it's their one fabulous idea that makes them stand out. Make lists and lists and lists....and somewhere in that big pile of words will be the next great thing.


Pear + Clock

Tick tock, tick tock...a pear and a clock. Thanks to Stephanie for the timely suggestion.
Ask a child. Sometimes when I hit a creative roadblock I ask my nine-year-old daughter for her thoughts. Her and I take long walks everyday in the summer and it's often filled with my prodding questions...how would she do this, what does she think of that, etc. Children are so open-minded and have such a different perspective on things.


Pear + Blue Birds

This was my first request for a pear combination. You can't go wrong with a pair of birds. Thanks to Anonymous!


Pear + Quilts

I got the double whammy request to whip up a pear quilt from Sandy and Leila from Sewn. I almost want to design a pear fabric pattern now too.

Jot down your ideas. I always carry a small sketchbook with me. New ideas come at odd times...and I can guarantee that even though you try to remember that spark, 9 out of 10 times it slips away hours later. Catch them as soon as possible.


Pear + Awareness

One of my friends asked if I would please combine a pear with the autism awareness ribbon. Here you go Sarah!

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. Believe it, follow the different creative hints, always be open to new ideas, train your mind to think differently.


Pear + Plate

Nothing too fancy here...just a plate covered in pears.

If you need fancy read this article from EmptyEasel.com on Living Creatively Everyday. Very inspiring...and we should all eat our dessert first once in awhile.


Pear + Dice

This combination was actually suggested by two different people...Stephanie from Chef Herman's Food Adventures and Mrs. Krueger. Everyone needs a pear of dice. Oh, and my nine-year-old daughter actually painted the background.

Take risks and gamble a little. New ideas don't come from being safe. Take some risks and try something new. If you fail, oh well...that's how you learn and grow. Many great ideas evolved from trial and error.


Pear + Hat

My daughter and I were brainstorming a list of objects to pair with pears...and came up with this one. A simple hat adorned with the curvy fruit.

A roadblock to creativity: While in a brainstorming meeting the other day I realized roadblocks are often the best fuel for creativity. Most of our group had agreed on one idea, but two people kept questioning it. Rather than get mad at them for haulting the process, we continued to find a "better" idea that would satisfy everyone. The final result was fabulous...and way better than the first. The next time someone questions or doesn't like your idea, take that on as a challenge to make it even better.


Pear + Fruit Cake

Jieun Pi from Facebook suggested I pair a pear with fruitcake. Alas, I actually created a similar drawing back in 2009, so decided to post that today instead. A fruit cake to enjoy!


Pear + Blue Cheese

Amanda at Easy Peasy Organic suggested I combine pears with blue cheese...a very tasty combo.

Expanding ideas: Take a consistent element (like pears) and try matching them up with different things to generate a list of ideas you may never have imagined (like what I'm doing this month). This is great especially when developing new recipes. Use an apple as your constant, then try pairing it with a different ingredient each day. If you create sculptures, pick one animal (like a mouse) and see how many variations on that subject you can whip up.


Pear + Sneakers

Julie on Facebook suggested I pair pears with a pair of high-top sneakers. Try saying that quickly five times. Maybe Converse will slide pears into a future design.

Idea generating hint: Focus, focus, focus. When you need to come up with ideas, narrow your focus. If you're planning a party, pick a theme. It's much easier coming up with party ideas around a ladybug theme, then none at all. Or use chocolate as a theme when decorating your living room or focus on keys when developing a new line of jewelry. Ironically, narrowing in, actually expands ideas.


Pear + Dress

Amanda at Baking Without A Box suggested I combine my pears with a dress..."since so many of us are pear-shaped". One of the best dresses for that shape is an empire waist. I'll just throw on a pear pattern for good measure.

Do you feel a creativity block? Remember to pair two items/ideas together to get something new. Have them be as different from each other as possible. Write a story about a trash can and a strawberry OR paint a scene that includes a lamp and a chicken.

Oh, and I'm painting on oval drink coasters this month. Why? Because I ran out of playing cards and I have tons of these (thanks Leila!).


Twist that Pear

This month I thought it would be fun to show how I develop new ideas.

Using the pear as my constant, I'll be twisting it into something new each day by pairing it with a different object.

Where will that list of objects come from? You, of course.

New ideas come from combining two existing ones (often things that have no relationship).

Is there something you'd like me to pair with a pear? A favorite color? Animal? Car? Another food? A quote? Anything...really. I'll try to squeeze in as many as possible.

Please comment on my posts, Facebook or Twitter with your ideas!

My Big Project: Norseland, Inc.

For the past few months I've been working with The Burrell Group, Ltd. and Norseland, Inc. to develop several illustrations for four of their cheese companies: Jarlsberg (Norway/USA), Woolwich Dairy (Canada), Garcia Baquero (Spain), and Old Amsterdam (Netherlands).

I'm finally able to share these with you! I feel honored for the opportunity to work with them. Enjoy!