Goat Cheese Salad

Don't forget to sprinkle a little goat cheese on your salad.  I forgot to mention that these notecards have recipes and interesting tidbits on the back of each one.  All copy was generously written by Ronnie Campbell at The Burrell Group.


Cheese Love Notes

I've been working with The Burrell Group once again to create some cheese notecards.  Over the next few days I'll let you take a peak at the illustrations. Today's illustration highlights the fabulous cheeses from Norseland, Inc.  You can find the cards here.



Ah, I love cheesecake, so just had to smear it all over a card.  You can find the postcard here.


Birds & Lemons

I seem to pair up birds with everything...why not lemons too?  You can find this postcard here.




I just finished a few more postcard patterns.  Today is my asparagus creation.  You can find this postcard here.


Fire Cider

I just created this fun print with a special recipe for someone.  As she states..."fire cider is a symbol of all the real 'magic' that exists in the world, and of my role as someone who is allowed to use some of that power to help people".  It's considered a "for-real" magic potion.  That's all I know, but feel lucky to have created this image for her.  Good luck to Maia as she shares her special gifts.


Happy birthday!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.  She is a special person that always remembers every holiday, birthday and special event...with cards, gifts and phone calls.  Me, I'm lucky to get an email sent.  So today I've made her a special no-fat, digital birthday cake and many well wishes.  I am so pleased to have her (and the whole Orgler family) in my life.

Happy birthday Mom O.!!  I hope your day is extra nice.


Cereal & Sliced Bananas

A special treat for me is sliced bananas in my morning cereal.  Here they are on a postcard and fabric. I was in a retro mood that day.


My Lunch

Ketchup and mustard are a great pair, but an even better combination is mustard and mayonnaise on a sandwich.  Oh yum.  Here is my favorite lunch on a postcard (sorry, no fabric yet!).


Ketchup & Mustard

I think we go through gallons of these a year (especially ketchup).  Pop them both on a postcard and fabric...and wa-la!



My kids thrive on toast...with honey, peanut butter or just plain margarine.  Take a peak at these flying toast as a postcard or fabric.



Bacon & Eggs

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so I had to throw in some bacon and eggs.  This is available as a postcard and fabric.


Beets & Bunnies

I am so embarrassed to have let this much time pass since my last post.  I've decided to break from tradition a little bit and just post some projects I've been working on.

For the next few days I'll be sharing the recent postcards I've designed...inspired from my fabric patterns.

This is "Beets & Bunnies" available as a postcard and fabric.