Long Island Iced Tea

I thought this would be a great drink to transition into next month's theme...green tea.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday for the start of a new adventure.

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One request I had was "anything with a tini". So instead of picking a particular martini I just went with the general idea...plug in any flavor you'd like. Thanks Julie!

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Bloody Mary

This drink always makes me think of my mom. Though she doesn't drink them anymore, it was her favorite drink when I was a child. I squirmed at the tomato juice back then and still do today.

Thanks for the request Foy!

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Pain Killer on the Beach

This is my tribute to a great couple. These are both fun tropical drinks...why not keep them together? Thanks Megan and Jeff!

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After a little prodding yesterday morning I've decided to post a cocktail Monday through Saturday this week. I received so many requests that I could go on for months, but, alas, I had to narrow it down. Sarah, this mimosa is for you!

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Moscow Mule

Here is a drink I never heard of until two days ago. It was a special request...and that person said "you must draw the copper cup". Interesting...since it looks like a coffee cup. {Thanks Ed!}


Shirley Temple

These drinks made me feel so special as a child.

Oh, you may want to know that I'm giving away a free set of recipe cards at The Crafty Tortoise. Please take a peak!


Gin and Tonic

Another request for a very popular drink. I've heard gin and tonic is great paired with a good mystery novel.

Thanks Louise! {print available}



My second request for this week...from my co-worker, Ed. A cocktail connoisseur, he opened my eyes to mojitos during a very hot week in St.Louis this past summer while attending a conference. {print available}


Lemon Drop

When I asked my Facebook followers what cocktail I should draw today, Danielle from Delights from Danielle chimed in with "lemon drop". Well, here you go!

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Why not start with one of the most festive drinks?

Margaritas are fun all the way around.

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My theme this month is Cocktails. To be honest, I really don't drink cocktails much, but wanted to explore the idea of mixed drinks.

As you can see, I've swapped painting canvases to those little chipboard drink coasters too. An appropriate and refreshing change. {print available}