The Show Must End

Thanks for following along this month as I created my Strawberry Circus party. I've appreciated your input along the way.

Now I must gear up for some Gnome-Made Treats...starting on July 1. See you then!


Strawberry Place Cards

Here are three examples of place cards for our Strawberry Circus party. Is there anything I'm missing for this big day...before June ends?


Strawberry Circus Banners

We need festive banners for our strawberry circus party. Though they take some time, banners are simple to make. Just cut triangles out of paper, punch a couple of holes through the top, then string some yarn through. You can pop any image you'd like on them...or spell something special. Here is another type of banner our neighbors made...simple and fun.


Popcorn (with Strawberries?)

What's a circus without popcorn? But how do I add the strawberries? I can just put a strawberry sticker on the front or add some kind of strawberry flavoring. Does anyone know how to flavor popcorn?


Strawberry Cupcakes

What's a party without cupcakes?

Oh, and one more kind-of-related thing...a couple of people asked if I give presentations...well, yes I do. I love talking as much as I love food.

If you need more information on my public speaking services just click here.


Strawberries and Honey on Ice Cream

Very simple and very yummy. The honey with the strawberries adds a nice touch. Vanilla or strawberry ice cream would suffice.

Thanks to Foy for the suggestion via Facebook!


Strawberry Jell-o Mold

I know this is as common as the hills, but it's easy and kids love it. Maybe you can make it in a neat shaped mold to add some spark.

Thanks to Sarah for the suggestion via Facebook!


Strawberry Smoothie

A strawberry smoothie is perfect for any occasion...especially when topped with two red-striped straws.

Does anyone have a good strawberry smoothie recipe you'd like to share?

Thanks to Glori for the suggestion via Facebook!


Strawberry & Marshmallow Skewers

Let's move onto food for our Strawberry Circus party.

This is a simple, but yummy recipe...strawberry and marshmallow skewers.

Thanks to Jamie for the suggestion via Facebook!


Strawberry Stickers

Here are four options for party stickers. You could use these on cups, on goodie bags, in goodie bags, or to hold paper rings on your napkins.

I also made a digital sheet of these strawberries...that can be used to print your own stickers. Just click here.

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Thank You #2

Now for the ringmaster...taming that wild strawberry.

I am working on a small project... rewriting my "About Page" and need your input. Can you help answer these questions?

Why does my work interest you? What about my perspective keeps you coming back? What do you learn from me? Can I teach you something else?



Thank You #1

Now we'll move into thank you card designs. Let's start with the iconic circus clown.


Invite Back #3

Just one more simple back for now. Thanks to Keri for the "Come One, Come All!" suggestion. Love that! I think this one needs a ring master though. Might have to come back to invitations again later.


Invite Back #2

Here is another option for the back of the invitation.

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Invite Back #1

Now onto the back of the invitation.

Anyone have any cute ideas for the "Join us for" text...in lieu of what I already have?


Invite Front #1

Over the next few days I plan to share several "Strawberry Circus" invitation options. I'll experiment with the front first, then I'll try some different things for the back. Here is my first one.


Strawberry Circus

This month I'm planning a party around the theme "Strawberry Circus".

I'll create invitations, thank you notes, cup cake toppers, banners, stickers and whatever else comes up. If you'd like to participate, please comment on my posts and visit my facebook page. I'll be asking for advice along the way.

And...if you'd like to take a peak at my June newsletter just click here. Hope to see you at the circus!