Functional things are often the most beautiful.  What's nicer than a pretty bowl filled with fruit? {Make that real fruit!}



My love of cucumbers encouraged an equal love of vinegar.  It is even more special in an array of flavors.


Green Bean Casserole

This has become our staple at potlucks.  We grow and freeze a lot of green beans and can't possibly eat them all ourselves, so they are often shared with family and friends.


A Cup of Milk

We've been having a heated debate over milk at our house.  Our kids (and I) like it a lot so go through it quicker than my husband thinks we should.  Between cereal snacks, flavored straws, and just pairing it with traditional PB&J it gets sucked out of the carton lickety split.  My thought...why fight it?  Its good for you.  Our kids could be craving something much worse, but the cost of it makes my husband squirm.  Maybe we should place a cow out by the garden this year instead.



Happy new year with some brussel sprouts

I had a taste for brussel sprouts today and it reminded me of the lovely dinner we had at my husband's aunt's house on Christmas day.  She often has this mini cabbage and I just LOVE them.

Oh, and happy new year too!