Cranberry Wreath

Another cranberry post to gear up for my November Newsletter. If you haven't signed up to receive this you can right here.


Cranberry Dish

Today is my husband's birthday. The kids and I plan to head out this afternoon on a search of special birthday food and presents. I wonder what we'll find...


Eat Lemons Here

You really can't eat lemons here. We rarely have them in our house...unless we're having lemonade.


Apple Cupcakes

Today is a yummy apple cupcake topped with a fresh apple slice. Please visit Baker's Corner for this recipe and many others.

{print available}


White Chocolate Cranberry Cupcakes

This weekend I'm showcasing two lovely fall cupcakes. Today is a fabulous cranberry cupcake paired with white chocolate and voila! I encourage you to visit the Beantown Baker for the recipe and many other sweet delights. {print available}


Five Little Pears

I'm planning to write an article about beautiful, whimsical things you can do with your tablesettings and/or food to make them more welcoming...and would love your ideas. Do you have special plates, garnishes, or other neat ideas you add to your tablesetting to add a bit of fun and flair? I'd love to know. You can reply to this post or email me directly here. Thanks in advance! {print available}


No Strawberries

On a walk around the garden earlier this week a friend and I took a peak in the strawberry patch in hopes of finding something. No luck. The strawberries were all gone.



Butterfly and Pear

It seems my life gets busier and busier, so out pours more pears. Why am I so busy? Family, of course, and work (the butterfly symbolizes the latter...we have hundreds there).


Cranberry Wallpaper

We are now entering cranberry season, so I thought I'd celebrate with a cranberry-inspired wallpaper.


His and Her Chocolate

A few months ago I met a wonderful couple that buys a week supply of chocolate truffles at a time so they can each have one a day. The special part is that one loves milk chocolate and the other loves dark chocolate, so they make sure their purchase is split down the middle. {print available}


Her Cheesecake

Yesterday my daughter and I made cheesecake (okay, it was out of a box). She was thrilled and pretended to be the host of a cooking show while we pulled the ingredients together. She finished it off with a heart "drawn" into the top with the edge of a fork. {print available}


Happy Eating

I was just thinking about how much we all love eating. Thank goodness for tasty food.


Apples and Leaves

I seem to have an apple trend this week. My favorite season is sprinkled with a beautiful fruit.


Apple Sauce

Apple sauce has a permanent place in our refrigerator and is always ready to be our fruit serving when needed.

{print available}


Granny Smith Apples

Eating a granny smith apple is like eating a really big piece of candy, that's actually good for you.


S is for Spaghetti

I love spaghetti, but without meat in the sauce, yet I do like meatballs. Not sure why the difference. I guess we all have our quirks.


Caramel Apples

Today's realization - I haven't had a caramel apple in a long time. It seems I had them often as a child. What happened to that wonderful part of my food palete?


Solitary Pear

As I was falling asleep last night with my one-year-old this image popped into my head. The power of a sleepy mind.

{print available}


Bananas for Breakfast

Bananas are the perfect baby breakfast. I just quickly slice them in the morning for my one-year-old and he loves them. Geez, they're good for you too. {print available}


Brownie Cupcakes

Now for our generous neighbors to the east...early last week two of their beautiful daughters delivered a paper-plate filled with rich brownie cupcakes. That is a great way to top off an evening. (Thanks Leila!)


Kringla and Jelly

Our neighbors to the northeast continually share kringla with us. The treat this time...they paired the kringla with their home-made jelly. First raspberry, then strawberry. (Thanks Dick and Helen!)

What's kringla? Check out one of my past posts here.


Apple Pie

I've mentioned that our neighborhood is filled with generous cooks ...well my next few illustrations will reflect that once again. Within a week we've been showered with many edible gifts. This past Saturday was the granola I shared yesterday and last Thursday was a yummy apple pie from another neighbor. My husband proclaimed it the best he's ever tasted. (Thanks Lori!)



Yesterday a neighbor stopped by to give us some home-made granola as a thank you. What a nice, healthy snack for a Saturday afternoon (thanks Liz!).


R is for Raspberry Tea

With my new love of iced tea, I've started to really like certain flavors. One of those is raspberry. Of course, raspberry is good in anything.


Four Slices of Pie

As I mentioned earlier this week, I love cherry pie. Here are four slices...though you can imagine any filling you'd like under this flaky crust.

{print available}