Plastic Water Bottles

We drink a lot of water at our house. To make it easier for the kids to grab a drink, I just re-fill water bottles and keep them in the fridge. The bottom shelf is often filled with a forest of these...that I rotate in with fresh containers as needed.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

All week I've been craving chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and just wondering when I'll have the opportunity to have some.


Banana Tiptoe

We play this little game at our house. My husband buys bananas, one or two get eaten, one or two rot away, then we don't see them for several months (he refuses to buy them if wasted). In order to keep the supply coming, we have to make sure they are all eaten in a timely manner and not allow rotting. Its delicate timing...you don't want to eat them quickly and have banana overload, yet you don't want to stop future banana commerce either. {available}


Cereal All Day

Last week I was sick at home a couple of days. The only thing I could eat was cereal. For two days I filled my bowl with cocoa pebbles and just enjoyed the chocolate, milk and quiet...as much as I could with a sore throat and chills.



Last fall my son sold popcorn for a cub scout fundraiser. That translates into several boxes of microwave popcorn on our pantry shelves. Let's just say we've popped a lot of kernels the last few months and have many months to go.


Spaghetti Leftovers

Spaghetti and meatballs are great the first time, but for some reason, they are even better the second time around. That is one leftover that is easy to enjoy.


Orange Juice

Since we are talking about dessert substitutes...orange juice also falls into this category. Though I like it for breakfast, I often drink orange juice in the evening to satisfy a sugar craving. This is especially nice in the hot summer months. Add some orange slices to make it pretty too.


Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk serves a special place in my diet. Though its not in our house often, when it is I use it as a replacement for dessert. It can be low-fat, provides chocolate, plus is filling.


Fresh Fruit

Though we have office days of sugar-overload, some days staff bring in wonderful plates of fresh fruit. Last Thursday a co-worker did just that - sliced apples, oranges and grapes. It was refreshing and helped ease a long budget meeting. {thanks Ed!}


Bagels, Cookies and Brownies

Last Friday I felt a little overwhelmed at work...by the food that people kept leaving in our kitchenette. First it was bagels and cream cheese, then sugar cookies, then later that afternoon it was a gooey tray of brownies. Though we appreciated these wonderful gifts, I just felt inundated.


Sushi Valentine

I like sushi, my husband doesn't. Yet, he humored me in attending a Japanese restaurant on Valentine's Day. He squirmed while I swallowed my favorite veggie rolls. Despite that, it was a nice night and he even found something good to eat. {thanks Mike!}



Its the same thing every weekend morning...my kids asking if they can have pancakes for breakfast. 75% of the time we don't have them and its just passing on bad news. As I write this my husband is grocery shopping and once again, I forgot to remind him about the pancakes. Here we go again.


The Lunchbox

A fellow blogger on Highway 9 on Vinyl reminded me last week about how important it is to pack waste-free lunches: http://highwaynineonvinyl.blogspot.com/2009/02/canvas-bagging-it.html.

I encourage you to use a lunchbox and containers to store your mid-day goodies. The best lunchbox is one plastered with your favorite images...they're not just for kids. You can have fun and be sustainable too.


Ravioli for Breakfast

On one of our many snow days last month my daughter decided on ravioli for breakfast. She's never had it for breakfast before nor since. Not sure where that originated, but it sure was easy just popping some meat-filled noodles from a can into the saucepan. {available}


Confetti Cream Torte

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible bakers at work. Last Friday a co-worker made a confetti cream torte in a heart shape. She delicately sliced cherries in half to decorate the edge, then placed some whole cherries in the center with small leaves as garnish (mint leaves perhaps?). Not only did it taste good, but just made us all feel so special with her extra efforts. {thanks Val!}


Chocolate Hearts

Last Sunday a local business, Temptations on Main (Ames, Iowa), graciously did a demonstration on how to make chocolate heart lollipops at one of our Reiman Gardens' events. What a nice way to start a sweet holiday.


The Frozen Twinkie

When visiting my mom last week I took the usual peak in her freezer (yes, I'm always looking for snacks) and found a box of frozen twinkies. When growing up we always froze anything with cream in it (twinkies, ding dongs, ho-ho's). Its almost like a mini-ice cream treat. I don't buy twinkies myself anymore, but love the surprise at my mom's occasionally.



Mashed Potatoes and Peas

Scoop up potatoes on your fork, then press it into your peas...that's the best way to enjoy the latter when they grace my plate. I've taught this little trick to my kids who now also enjoy this pea ritual. Probably not the best table-manners, but if you do it inconspicuously...


Dipped Cucumbers

Whenever someone brings in a container of sliced cucumbers and dip I have to refrain from eating the majority. There is just something so luring about their freshness. I guess it's better than potato chips.


The Almighty Sugar Cookie

I really do try to eat as healthy as possible, despite all these words about ice cream and cake. Its just really hard when something like the all-powerful soft sugar cookie with white frosting and sprinkles enters the room. What am I to do?


Strawberry Soup

When my son was in preschool he came home one day singing "strawberry soup". I'm not sure if it was a song he learned or created himself, but I always loved this idea of a cool, sweet, red soup.


The Baby Food Jars Arrive

I'm amazed our five-month old son started eating baby food last week. He now has color in his food and I have a great start to a collection of beautiful little glass jars.

Prints available of this image on: http://lisaorgler.imagekind.com


Brussel Sprouts

The other day we had a discussion at work about brussel sprouts. A vegetable I love, but I know many hate. My friend shared that as a child she poured ketchup on hers to gather the strength to swallow them. Something her parents approved as long as her plate was cleared. The ketchup must have worked, she has grown to like them. {Thanks Lee!}


Sliced Eggs

My mom and I visited a salad buffet last week for lunch. Oh the joy of so many choices garnishing my lettuce. One of my favorites is hard-boiled eggs...nicely sliced. Something I rarely make for myself at home.


The Cookie Jar

Its been awhile since we had something in our cookie jar. Last week my husband filled it with peanut butter sandwich cookies. Nothing too fancy, but nice knowing it was full and the "dip" option open.


Chips and Sour Cream

One night we planned to have hard-shelled tacos and opened a package of broken shells (that was a value). We saved them for movie night instead and paired them with sour cream, shredded cheese, and taco sauce. In the end, the kids had more fun dipping the shreds in their own dip creations.


The Omelet Dinner

We had an abundance of eggs in the refrigerator this past Saturday night so decided to have omelets for dinner. My husband graciously offered to whip them up with cheddar cheese and ham. The ensemble was finished with tator tots. Its always nice having breakfast for dinner.


Royal Sweetness

After several months of this you will find out over and over again that I love ice cream. I just want to simply declare my love for this royal sweetness today without getting into favorite flavors and combinations. Those will follow in future posts. Its surprising my first mention of ice cream is one month into this project and not sooner!