Freezer Pops

How long does it take to get through a box of 100 freezer pops? Way too fast in our house. If it wasn't for the down-time in the freezer those popsicles would be gone in hours.



G is for Green Beans

Not green bean season yet, but waiting. My kids are just as happy getting them from a can for now.



Spinach Balls

My husband and I are proud new parents of freshly-made spinach balls. For the first time, we're growing spinach ourselves, rather than sneaking it out of the freezer aisle. Add some eggs, butter, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and baking time...wa-la! You have a platter of buttery spinach balls. {available}


Pickled Beets

My mom always served pickled beets when I was a child. I love them, but my husband doesn't, thus I rarely see them unless I do some covert grocery shopping. Yes, he's the one that shops. Good on many levels, but not when our tastes collide. {available}



The word avocado never entered my mind until I tasted guacamole made by my in-law's neighbor many years ago. Now I consider guacamole green gold in the food world. Thanks goodness for the avocado.

{print available}


Love and Chocolate

A treat inspired by Valentine's Day (hey, its only four months past)....Rich and Sinless Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Mousse. How can you go wrong with a name like that? Find out how to pull these together at Consider This! {sold}


Strawberry Mascarpone Pie

This is such a beautiful pie with such lovely ingredients. Mascarpone cheese, cream, peach preserves and strawberries. How can you go wrong? Take a peak at Hummingbird Appetite for the full recipe. {available}


Chili Relleno Champion

This fabulous dish is the winner of the Quaker Oats Viewer Quickfire Challenge. Check out this fun recipe at the On Call Chef website. {reserved}


Anadama Bread

Making bread is always an art. An art that SulaBlue at The Yeast I Could Do has mastered. Geez, what a cute blog name too! Make sure to plan a visit. {reserved}


Sustainable Suishi

Learn how you can enjoy suishi without the guilt at Suishi Lovers Unite. Fish stocks are suffering locally and globally, but this guide suggests what fish are okay to eat and which ones to avoid.


Art Auction with a Twist Open

A few weeks ago I participated in a special project with BloggerAid Changing the Face of Famine to help raise money for the World Food Programme. I chose a blog submission from Hopie's Kitchen to paint and created a 5" x 7" original illustration. It's currently on the Ebay auction block until June 24, 2009. To bid please visit here...or go to http://www.ebay.com/ and type in #220436850908 in the search box. Hope to see you there!



I should be a good role model and love broccoli, but I really don't. I do eat it, but definitely don't crave it. The amazing thing is that my daughter loves it...especially from our garden. {print available}


Strawberry Tart

One of the best ways to enjoy spring is with strawberries. Mix up a special tart that you can enjoy on your front porch. Check out Renae du Jour for the recipe. {available}


Beef Stroganoff

Talk about comfort foods...this is one of them! I absolutely love beef stroganoff! Check out the Confession Nook for this recipe, plus some beautiful photographs! {available}


Fried Egg Sandwich

A special treat in our house is fried egg sandwiches...always made by my husband. This recipe adds some special touches including tomato, cucumber, onion and green chili. To pull it all together check out the Grubs Club blog. {available}



We were introduced to this treat when we moved to Iowa years ago. It's a Norwegian sweet bread that can be eaten plain, with butter or jelly. We are very fortunate to have a neighbor that won a blue ribbon for her kringla recipe and is willing to share it with us often (ironically, she's not Norwegian). It's a common occurrence in our kid's lives now and a nice addition to ours. {available}


Hot Cocoa with a Straw

My daughter has had a fetish with straws lately. The odd thing is that she particularily wants to sip her hot cocoa through them. I'll just wait for this to pass...


Italian Meatballs

Today's realization...I hardly have any meat recipes, so thought I'd throw these in. They are fabulous meatballs from Authentic Italian Pasta Recipes. Now I just need some crunchy garlic bread to go with them. {reserved}


Wonder Breakfast

Try this yogurt, strawberry, honey and banana smoothie to start off your day. It sounds so wonderful and is quite beautiful too. Check it out at Spirited Miu Flavor. {available}


The Perfect Home Office Lunch

This is definitely a new combination for me...sliced pears and white cheddar on pecan fruit bread. Read more about this interesting recipe and the story behind it on The Hungry Novelist.


Sweet 16 Cake

This is a cute way to add spark to a sweet 16 cake...bake a chocolate chiffon cake, then surround it with cupcakes. Explore more fun cake creations at Kaye's Place.


Fresh Apple Cake

Lou from Green Cheese and Cherries adapted a recipe into this nice creation. She describes it as aromatic, spring and moist, not too sweet, a bit of crunch and bursts of sweetness. Take a peak at her site and make it for yourself. {available}


Brownie Sundae

The only thing that can make ice cream taste better (besides peanut butter) is a brownie tucked under it.


Chocolate Truffles

This past Friday I participated in the Ames Downtown Art Walk. Every year I am lucky enough to be stationed in Temptations on Main. A candy store full of ice cream, jelly beans and chocolate truffles. Oh my. You can even order their wonderful truffles online...you've got to try them. {thanks to Tim and Janice for hosting me!} {available}


Sidekick Jelly

Jelly is peanut butter's sidekick. Though peanut butter is the leader...it's always a little better when paired with jelly. Together they are quite a team.



F is for French Toast

One of my favorite breakfast...or lunch...or even dinner foods is french toast. Sweet syrup on top balanced with some salty hashbrowns on the side makes it perfect.



E is for Egg

I just realized if I didn't draw more letter cards I may run out of days before getting through the alphabet. So, here's an "e" for you.


The Blue Donut

Last Friday I became completely enamored with a blue donut. It was a beautiful sea-blue with bright white sprinkles. I didn't even want to eat it...just look at it.


Stock Pot

Lynn from Mama Says requested that I draw a stock pot for her...because soup is her forte. I love soup, especially unique recipes, so look forward to continually checking out her blog...so you may see one of her recipes pop up in the future. {reserved}