Tuber Vegetables

This is an example of thinking too much rather than just doing.  I kept worrying about not being able to create an interesting enough image with just tubers, so allowed time to just slip away.  This morning I decided to just draw and realized tubers did indeed have some unique qualities...enough to have a simple, fun image.

And, in case you're wondering I'll be continuing my vegetable craze into May, since I have several more images I'd like to explore. Thanks for allowing me to chug along at a slower pace the last few weeks. You can find the print here.


Fruit Vegetables

You've heard the saying that a tomato is really a fruit...well, it's true.
The rest of these are also fruits.  Botanically speaking, it's anything with a seed in it.

These are also all vegetables.  Without getting too deep, the word vegetable is a culinary term, not a botanical one.  If you're cooking they are vegetables, if you're classifying plants they are fruits.  I'm sure I've over simplified this for the botanists out there, but hopefully you get the general idea.  You can find the print here.


Root Vegetables

Drawing this many images for one illustration takes longer than I thought.  I still can't believe I created an illustration everyday in 2009.  Where did I find the time?!

Here is a tasty collection of root vegetables.  You can find the print here.


Leafy Vegetables

I thought it would be fun to group vegetable types. Here are some leafy vegetables.

I was so inspired that I already made a print...check it out here.



This month I'm working on a special project...so will be focusing on vegetables.

The pace will be a little slower, so I hope you'll take a deep breath and follow along.


Herb Poster

March just flew by!

I've really enjoyed drawing these herbs so decided to make a poster and digital sheet with the final images. A request for the digital herb sheet actually initiated this month's theme (thanks Andy!).

You can find them both here: