Jarlsberg Cheese...yum!

Many of you know that I've been fortunate enough to work with Jarlsberg Cheese on several projects.  Their kindness stretched into supporting me attend Camp Blogaway a few weeks ago, so I just wanted to share one of the images I created for them again.


Espresso Yourself....one more time

I loved this illustration so much that I made it into a print.  I did take the liberty to change up the colors a little too...a more calm palette.  You can purchase the print in My Shop.  I also made some coffee cards with the other illustrations...you can find those here.


Kitchen Knives

Another sponsor at Camp Blogaway was CUTCO Cutlery.  They were kind enough to give all registrants a chef's knife and cutting board, plus a wonderful cutting demonstration. I hate to admit, we have a very old and dull set of knives, so I was thrilled to get something shiny and new.  Because I have so much to learn, I created an illustration showing the top knives suggested for home chefs.  I want to thank Kathleen, from CUTCO, who kindly helped me with this task. Oh, and yes, I did make a print...check it out here.



As I've mentioned several times, I attended Camp Blogaway a couple of weeks ago. You would be amazed at all the great sponsors and goodies they shared with us.

One of those sponsors was the National Mango Board (NMB). Not only did we eat a lot of mangos that weekend, but they sent us more in the mail several days later. Melanie and McKinzey, from the NMB,  taught us how to use mangos at different stages of ripeness, how to cut them and shared the many available varieties.

Big thanks to the National Mango Board for sharing all the goodness! Oh, and I also made a print...just click here for a peak (I couldn't help myself).


Thanks a latte

I've finally reached my last coffee illustration (at least for now) and thought it would be the perfect time to give a special thank you.

As most of you know, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Camp Blogaway two weekends ago because of the generous support of Jarlsberg Cheese and YumGallery.  I want to thank both of them again.  I'll be creating a new image for Jarlsberg soon and will share when completed.

One more thing...I also made some coffee mug notecards.  If you're interested just click here.


Coffee and Sleep

Ah, sleep.  I've been up all night on a long flight from LA...maybe I should have tried a cup of coffee this morning.


Espresso Yourself

I just love this quote.

Today I'm off to Camp Blogaway. A big thank you to Jarlsberg Cheese and YumGallery for the opportunity to attend!

Very soon I will showcase some Jarlsberg Cheese  illustrations. For now, take a peak at some images I created for them over a year ago...click here.