The next part of step four in our theme garden design process is choosing furniture!  First a quick review of the five steps:

1. Pick a theme 
2. Brainstorm
3. Research 
4. Translate ideas to physical form (yes, we're still here!)
5. Create the plan

Now it’s time to dress up our space with some cozy furniture. This is a great way to extend your garden into something livable.

Using our lists as inspiration once again use the shapes, colors, and possible other words and objects to assist in the selection of chairs, benches, and tables.

Your furniture can be a little crazy or simply paint a traditional item one of your theme colors.

Looking back at our brainstorming and research lists I've compiled the words below to inspire my selection of garden furniture:

Of course, our colors: gray/silver, black and yellow/gold 
Plus, shiny metal, jeans, leather, drums, anvils, wrought iron, guitars, periodic table (grid), late 60s or early 70s style, chains.

Some possibilities for furniture inspired by these ideas might include:

I love the idea of wrought iron or shiny metal, so included a lot of ideas in that direction, but you can go any angle you wish.  Someone even had a great idea for concrete furniture (love this too!).

Next...we'll think about how to add some artsy details to our heavy metal garden.  Any thoughts?


Royal Teak said...

Sounds like a fun little activity. Is there a link to see some of the results??

Unknown said...

Royal Teak - Yes! Here is the summary post: http://www.lisaorgler.com/blog/2013/06/creating-heavy-metal-theme-garden.html