I discovered this flower only a few years ago and now cannot imagine living without it.  In early spring it pops out like orange polka-dots all over my zone 5 sunny perennial border.  The foliage is wide and round giving much needed coarse texture to the garden.  The flowers balance above about 12-18". There are many different cultivars, so I may be creating my own sweet little geum collection soon. Be warned that it does not transplant well.  My greedy side wanted more, so I attempted to divide and move them around, but only lost some in the process. I guess that is a a good reason to go plant binging shopping again.

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Laura said...

I was really happy to get some seedlings that grew around my geum, maybe you will too? I agree with you, once I discovered this humble little plant I can't do without it. My plants sent some roots away from the mother plant so two new plants appeared near the original one, that is how I was able to multiply mine.

Unknown said...

Hi Laura - I hope mine does the same! It seems to just stay in one place. Wouldn't it be nice if it multiplied at last once?!