Though I officially learned planting design in college, I didn't begin my real education until I began creating my own garden. These are a collection of tips I've learned over the last twenty years in both capacities. 

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I hope to expand on additional tips in the future...so keep a look out for those.

I'd love to hear your planting design tips too. Please share one in the comments below.

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BrianG said...

Love this. Maybe you could use this as the base of your presentation? It is good general knowledge that I know I forget in the thrill of buying pretty plants. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Leila...I can definitely do that. Might need to change the title of my talk then!

Fiore Garden said...

Mix bloom times by planting summer blooms next to early spring, and autumn bloomers. It keeps the garden fresh and interesting.

Mix annuals with the perennials; the annuals give you constant color while the perennials provide changing accents.

Unknown said...

Great tips Fiore Garden!

Richard hern said...

Know the ultimate size of your plants and give them the room they need to look good many years down the road...Don't be afraid to prune deciduous and evergreen plants to control the area they occupy. And you need to remove some perennial plants when they start to crowd other plants out. Transplant and/or give them away to clean up the flower beds...

Unknown said...

Richard - Another great tip! Thanks!